Ricoh THETA V Plugin Application Development - Community Guide

Make Your THETA

By Craig Oda and Jesse Casman of Oppkey

Internal Note: This guide is being updated and will be published to be timed with the launch of the THETA Store.

This is a compilation of community experiences and tests from members of, an independent developer community for RICOH THETA cameras. The community-created document you are reading may contain factual errors. Please help the community to update this document using pull requests on GitHub.

Official Ricoh Information

THETA V Plugin Application Development Overview

The THETA V uses Android as the operating system. Because of this, the THETA V application development process is the same as the development process for an Android phone. Connect the THETA V to a development workstation, either Mac, Windows, or Linux with a micro USB cable and connect to the camera with adb. You will need a THETA V that is in developer mode. To put your THETA V into developer mode, please join the RICOH THETA Plug-in Partner Program.

This document covers the following development process and tips: