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360 Cloud Stitching

Streaming live 360 video is better than ever with the newly introduced Cloud Stitching. Using an AVENIRMicro™ or Drone, connected with a RICOH THETA S 360 camera, send your video straight to Streambox Cloud, which then delivers your footage to your YouTube channel.

The AVENIRMicro™ and Drone are used as the encoder instead of the Cloud Encoding Software. This means less steps need to be taken to send your 360 video feed to YouTube or custom video player.

Workflow With YouTube


Workflow with Periscope

Streambox tested the THETA S streaming 360 video using an Avenir Micro with embedded modem module with four modems and then used their Cloud Stitching platform to stitch the dual-fisheye stream into equirectangular for broadcast on Periscope360.


The Streambox AVENIRMicro™ is a lightweight mobile broadcasting and live video encoder providing enhanced bonded connectivity capabilities with significantly more efficient encoding for HD and SD broadcasting. Designed for easy integration and outstanding quality, the miniature, low-power device can be used with broadcast cameras, satellite terminals, medical imaging, corporate media systems and various other video systems. Learn More

OSX Cloud Encoder


The Streambox Cloud Encoder, with advanced video compression technology, is designed for Apple notebooks and gives users the ability to deliver high quality HD/SD and 360 video from the field. All it takes is a Mac laptop or desktop, a camera, and a SDI or HDMI input device such as Matrox, AJA, or Black Magic to capture video. Learn More

Example Live Streaming

  • Streamed live using Streambox Cloud Encoder
  • RICOH THETA S Camera
  • BlackMagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder
  • MacBook Pro with USB Modems
  • Streambox Cloud

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