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Make real estate, tourism or any other VR apps in minutes and publish to all VR platforms by using InstaVRâ„¢


Collaborate Easily Drag-and-drop based. No coding is required. InstaVR is a web-based tool. You can start authoring without preparing special hardware or installing software to your local machine.

4K 360 Video

High Resolution / Immersive 360 VR Experience You can upload various media include 4K 360 videos to InstaVR. InstaVR automatically generate streaming preview and renditions to support various devices.

Various Platform

Create once. Build various package. You can publish to various platforms such as iOS, Android, Samsung Gear VR, Web, etc with a single click. You can deliver through to app marketplaces such as App Store, Google Play, etc.

White Label

Distribute app via your market place account. You can download publish ready format and submit to market places such as Google Play, App Store, Gear VR store, etc. via your account.

Full Branding

Flexible, complete and intuitive branding You can brand your app with an app icon, home screen, custom hotspot icon, etc. You can also add screens with instructions.

Flexible Hotspots

Add various types of pop-up information You can improve user experience by adding text, images, audio and videos to anywhere in the scene. Online hosting is supported. You can host contents on the web.

Download / Streaming

Keep app small. Deliver plenty of contents. You can choose online content hosting option. With this option, all content is delivered via our content delivery network (CDN) and the app size is extremely small.


Understand user behavior with Heatmaps You can analyze users' eye tracking data as a heat map in the authoring environment. You can tweak your content by referencing heat maps.

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