Build Android Apps That Run Inside Your THETA

HDR2EXR by Kasper Oerlemans

OpenCV is used widely by well-established companies like Google, Microsoft, Intel. BSD-license makes it easy for businesses to utilize and modify the code. In this project, use your THETA to grab lighting information and create an HDR file.

Accelerometer and Magnetic Field (eCompass)

Use sensor data in a creative way to take pictures. Examples: animal photo trap, dog door security, commercial vehicle dash cam, party “fun” cam to take pictures of you and your friends when you jump in the air.

M5Stack (ESP32 Arduino) Sample Serial Code

Connect your THETA V to the M5Stack ESP32 Arduino with the USB port. Example code allows you to take pictures, shows QR code that links to pictures in a web browser.

Building a WebGUI

Since the RICOH THETA V does not have a screen, you can not use layouts and screen transitions like ordinary Android applications. However, you can provide a Web GUI for your plug-in by setting up a web server.

Connecting to a Messaging Service

Use the messaging API from LINE to send a message from the RICOH THETA to a mobile phone. Good for event notification. Can be adapted to any REST API messaging system.

Using TensorFlow in-Camera

Modified TensorFlow example for THETA V (Android). Object recognition, artistic style application, voice recognition, object detection.

Plug-in Ideas Database - Grab existing code, modify and customize, submit to developers contest

5 Most Common Problems with Plug-in Store Submissions

Control Image and Video

Dual-Fisheye Take multiple or single dual-fisheye images Discuss Ichi Hirota
HDR2EXR Create HDR images inside the camera with OpenCV Discuss Kasper
Long Video Bypass 25 minute limit on videos. Compress with HEVC Discuss .guide
TensorFlow Demos Object detection and classification, speech recognition, artistic style filter Discuss Shohara
Face Blur Automatically identify and blur faces inside the camera Discuss Ricoh

Unleash Hardware Features

Wireless Live Streaming Stream live video to YouTube and Facebook with RTMP Discuss Ricoh
THETA Motion Sensors Demo Access accelerometer, magnetic field, gyroscope Discuss KAZ
Meow Shot! Play cat sounds from internal camera speaker. Record your own sounds with camera microphones. Discuss Shiro
GPS with USB OTG Attach GPS module to THETA with USB port. Receive serial data. Attach to images. Discuss KA-2
Connect to Arduino with USB Connect to ESP32 M5Stack Arduino. Show camera info on LCD. Control camera with Arduino buttons Discuss KA-2

Access Internal Android OS

WebGUI Sample Uses NanoHTTPD to create web GUI. Control LEDs. Save settings to SharedPreferences Discuss @3215

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