The Wireless Live Streaming plug-in allows a THETA V to stream 4K 360° video directly to YouTube Live Events, Facebook Live 360 or Periscope Live 360. No mobile phone or laptop is required. The THETA V connects to the Internet using WiFi and will stream the 360 video directly to a service such as YouTube.

The plug-in has also been reported to work with Ethernet using USB OTG Ethernet adapters. If you get live streaming over Ethernet working, please send us a report of your USB OTG adapter and we'll add it to the guide.

The plug-in is available from the THETA Store (LINK). Source code for the plug-in is available from GitHub (LINK). This guide covers the use of the apk from the THETA Store to connect to YouTube Live Events and use 360° video.

For additional usage and development guides, see theta360.guide.

Environment Used in this Guide

  • Firmware 2.31.1 on THETA V
  • Windows 10 and Chrome browser (Any OS and browser can be used)
  • Wireless Live Streaming plug-in version 1.0.8
  • YouTube Live Event