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Desktop Computer programs

  • Theta Official

  • Hugin for straightening images on a computer - See Carl Bennett turorial in the documents area

  • KR Pano tool for pictures and vídeos

  • Kolor panotour to create tours

  • EasyPano Similar to Kolor

  • PTGui tool for straightening panos and posting panos
    Dennis Mabrey says, “While PTGui is a great tool it’s primary purpose is for stitching multiple images into a pano.”

  • Pano2VR tool for straightening panos and creating tour
    Dennis Mabrey says, “PanoVR (at least beta ver 5) will perform automatic straightening of Theta/Theta S images. You don’t have to run the stills through the Ricoh software.
    PanoVR also is great for things like tripod removal or fixing images. You can select a portion of the image and edit in Photoshop and perform functions like content aware fill. Really makes getting rid of the tripod or the ‘giant hand’ very useful.”

  • PanoramaStudio 3 Photo stitching and pano postwork. Save to flash or HTML5

Online Programs

  • HoloBuilder Complete tour tool and totally FREE - From our friend Fabian Fabian

  • Spinattic Free tour creation tool, with social network integrated

  • You Visit Similar to HoloBuilder, with free and paid plans

  • Round.me Free tour creation tool, with social network integrated

  • Mapillary Free street tour creation tool, with social network integrated - Wiff IOS and Android Apps

  • Marzipano For self panorama host

Mobile Applications

Ricoh Theta (For cameras before S)

Ricoh Theta S

Theta+ (Theta editor, post on Instagram - Developed by Ricoh)

Theta HDR (To take HDR Pictures)

Simple HDR by Built Light (to take HDR pictures)

Community review: Nicely affordable Theta HDR app. Drop the files into something like Photomatix on the desktop and you have a nice HDR for CG work. A really good looking app. Clean.

Theta Action + (Motion pictures)

VR Panorama Viewer (To see panos in Google Cardboard VR - From our friend Shawn Ames)

Tao360 another cardboard viewer


(Remote controller for Ricoh THETA m15/Ricoh THETA S, has tvOS version can let user view image/Video on Apple TV. Apple watch support)

kolorEyes for viewing 360 video with/without cardboard

Theta Transfer for copying the full size images

Theta Converter for straightening images

Holo360Uploader (App to upload and share Theta shots, Works with HoloBuilder - See it on the online programs section)

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